Yesterday I took a drive up to Heathcote to catch up with my mate Gerard Kennedy, who I met at uni. Gerard's family own a stunning vineyard not far from Colbinabbin, north of Heathcote township. The first vines were planted in 2002 on an east facing slope of the Mt Camel range. The vines are in immaculate condition with some beautiful bunches of syrah about 1 week way from verasion. Very excited to be working with these guys, who are obviously very professional and passionate growers. The fruit I receive is destined to become the 'Farside' Syrah, a sibling wine to the 'Earthside' Syrah. With differing vineyard sites being the most obvious difference between the two wines, I'm also looking at varying up things in the winery to create two distinctly different styles of Syrah. Bring on vintage 2017!